How To Customize You Felt Letter Board Frame

September 12, 2017

How To Customize You Felt Letter Board Frame

Felt letter boards are an extension of who we are. They capture our day-to-day moments, impactful milestones, are the voice to our inner thoughts, and so much more. If the boards can be so customizable...why can't the frames? 

Thanks to paint, they can be!

Disclaimer: I am so sorry to have to start with this, but we just have to cover our toes. We are sharing this as an idea, and to provide guidance. We cannot guarantee that your results will be exactly like ours.

First I can't take the credit for this. Our friend, Annie, did all the painting. She is the owner of Reimagined Inspirations. (Check her out on Instagram.) Annie recently painted the furniture in our daughter's room and it is AMAZING! I hope to share some of her room with you in a future post.

Annie loves to use Chalk Paint; however, poly acrylic paint will also do the trick.


Felt Letter Board Link Pink Felt Like Sharing

First Step: Tape off the felt as close and tight to the wood as possible using blue painter's tape. We found the exterior blue painter's tape to work very well, but was unnecessarily sticky/strong. Tip: Before placing the tape on the felt, blot the tape on a pant leg first a few times. You want it sticky enough to stay -- NOT sticky enough to pull up your pretty felt fibers :) 

Another recommendation is blue painter's tape in Original Multi-Surface or something similar. Remember the pant trick to keep it safe.

Felt Letter Board Light Pink - Taped

Step 2: Start painting with your desired color. Use a small paintbrush like the one pictured. It is roughly 3/4 inch wide.

Annie used Annie Sloan's Paris Grey. It needed 2 coats, waiting 20 - 30 minutes in-between coats to dry fully.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey with Paintbrush

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey

Step 3 (Optional): Once the second coat is dry, wax the frame with a clear wax. Put just a bit on a rag, wipe it on the frame, and buff off any leftover residue. (Tip: A little goes a long way. You can always go back and add more wax).

Using a wax will seal and protect the frame. It also emphasizes depth of the paint color.

 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax Clear

Step 4: Gently remove tape - remember the felt is delicate.

Felt Letter Board in Light Pink With Gray Frame

Step 5: Using a Q-Tip (or your fingertip) add accents on your frame with a metallic color. This can give it both dimension and an aged appearance. If you would like a distressed look, use sandpaper gently on the edges.

Metallic Luster Product for Painting

Light Pink Felt Letter Board with Grey and Gold Frame

Gray Felt Letter Board with Distressing

Felt Letter Board Gray with Mild Distressing

Step 6: Let metallic accents fully dry before enjoying your felt letter board!


Light Pink Felt Letter Board Felt Like Sharing

Pink Felt Letter Board Painted

The light pink felt letter board will go perfect in my daughter's room! I am so excited. 


Rusty Red Felt Letter Board Painted with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Graphite Paired with our Rusty Red

Hot Pink Felt Letter Board with Pure White

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Pure White Paired with our Hot Pink

Gray Felt Letter Board with Old White

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White Paired with our Gray (Available Soon)


Please let us know if we can provide any other tips here. I look forward to seeing painted frames in the future...but of course the oak frame is as classic as they come!



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