Pamela, Owner, Felt Like Sharing

Hi, I'm Pamela. Thank you for your interest in a collaboration with Felt Like Sharing. Working with Social Media Influencers, like yourself, is important to our brand. 

NOTE: Please use a desktop or laptop to fill out the form to make sure we receive it.

To ensure that this is a mutually beneficial relationship, collaborators must:

  • be 18 or older;
  • collaborate using a public Instagram account;
  • have a following of 5K or greater;
  • have a United States mailing address;
  • not have engaged in previous collaborations with felt letter board companies. We feel this better respects any previous relationships;
  • abide by collaboration expectations below:
  1. Collaboration is not for financial compensation. Influencer will receive free product only.
  2. Take 1 high-quality lifestyle photo which you will share on your social media platforms. (Due to the number of high-quality photos we receive of children and their milestones, we ask Influencers to not take these types of photos for our agreement.)
  3. Tag @feltletterboards and use our #feltlikesharing
  4. Do not use our felt letter boards to advertise for other companies you are promoting
  5. Optional: send full resolution photo to Felt Like Sharing. This is an image you are allowing Felt Like Sharing to use on their website, Amazon listing, marketing, etc. This image does not have to be one that you post.

Whether or not we engage in a collaboration, be sure to become a Felt Like Sharing Affiliate!

Here's to Sharing Life, Letter by Letter

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